20*20! Hawkeye Firefly 4K 50FPS Split Cam MINI WDR for FPV

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Hawkeye Firefly 4K 50FPS Split Cam MINI  WDR Low latency TV output 20*20  Hole! 

For FPV racing drones!


Low Latency TV Output test:

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A Split camera or FPV Camera + Action camera?

 -Hawkeye Firefly 4K Split Cam



Do you still buy a FPV camera and an action camera ?

Do you worry about the latency of the 4K split cam?

Do you still use a 1080P split cam instead of 4K?

Do you worry about the distortion?


It all can be fixed with Hawkeye Firefly 4K split cam!

Hawkeye 4K Split at Mini Size Now!

Main board: 20*20MM Hole

Camera: 19*19MM

Large FOV: 170 degrees + Distortion correction function


170 degrees Large FOV + Distortion correction

Why we need large FOV? Because we can see more and its comfortable for human eyes to watch moving objects. Large FOV is also very important for drones. Because its make us easier to pass through obstacles.

 Secondly, There is Distortion Correction function.

Thirdly, there are three FOV can be selected in the menu : 170 degrees, 140 and 110.


Mini size

 Main board: 20*20MM Hole;

Main board size 28*28MM.

Camera size: 19*19MM.

We also provide a main board extend bracket, from 20*20mm to 30.5*30.5mm; and a camera bracket , from 19*19mm to 28*28mm.

4K incoming!

4K 50/301080P 1202.7K 60 FPS169 & True 4K

Your Split cam can’t record high resolution videos?

Do you worry about the latency output of the split cam?

Too many jello effect in the video?

Check the NEW Hawkeye Firefly Split Cam!

It can record 4K 50/30FPS,2.7K 60FPS,1080P 120fps & 720p to 240fps ! We did a research and found out some split cam common issues in 4K cameras:

1. Can’t turn EIS on at 4K /  1080P 120FPS;

2. Can’t record 4K 2.7K at 16:9 Cineramaonly 4:3).

3. Can’t turn Distortion correction ON at 4K level.

4. Can’t record 2.7K 60fps, 1080p 120fps.

Our engineers fixed all those issues! Beta testers told us that the performance is similar to a GoPro 6!

Some customers ask, will it be expensive?

One word- NO! 

Still use a AV camera for FPV?

Hawkeye Split: Low latency AV out & 4K recording!

In the 4K generation, do we still need to buy an analog FPV camera?

Firstly, low latency video output is one of the aspects you look for in FPV. If the latency is too high, we can’t even fly! For many years, the latency of the DVR was too high, so that we had to buy an analog FPV camera!

Hawkeye engineers have spent countless hours testing new split cam and finally made solution for this problem. The latency of Hawkeye split is only 0.04 second! That’s impressive numbers for FPV!

We gathered feedback from our beta testers and this is what they have come out with:

If the latency is bigger than 0.1 second, you will feel dizzy! If the latency is bigger than 0.05 second, you will fell out of sync with your flying machine.

Hawkeye Split’s latency is perfect option for You.

We can see some 4K split cam that put two cameras together one for FPV one for DVR. In that case, you need to pay for two cameras! Your drones become heavier! When crash, it will damage both easily!

Choose a right Split cam with good latency and AV out!


Manual shutter

This is professional function! We learnt from some old FPV birds that manual shutter can make more stable videos. They told us to set the shutter to a fixed right value, your video can be more stable and less jello!


HDMI output

Old birds know that we can’t focus well with AV signal because of its low resolution. But most split cams can only focus the lens by the AV signal!

Our users suggest we add HDMI! With high resolution HDMI signal, you could focus as you want!

Do you want to use HD video transmitter in future? Hawkeye Split Cam can support 1080P 60fps HDMI video output! You have no need to spend extra money for further updates!






WDR sensor!

Are you afraid of image that look too dark when the camera in turned towards the sky or sun?

The Hawkeye split cam support hardware and software WDR.

Hawkeye uses an IMX WDR image sensor where WDR algorithm makes a brighter image! The image quality will be good even turning camera directly to sun!

Distortion Correction function!

Are you afraid of the annoying distortion in the video without option to turn the option on in 4K & 2.7K video mode?

Hawkeye fixed all these problems. It can correct the distortion in all resolutions even in  4K and 1080P 120FPS mode!


Video repair function

Many users meet those problems: 

1. Videos can’t playback in the SD card after crashing

2.  The warring window shows the video was damaged

Don’t worry! Hawkeye Split cam can repair the damage videos! Just put the SD card to playback in the camera, it can repair the video automatically!



External RC triggers

Hawkeye invented this function and keeps it for 5 years from the first generation camera! Many users choose us because of it!

With the RC trigger design, you could remotely record or capture photo. You just need a Hawkeye RC cable and a RC 3 ways switch.



Do you still use H.264 old protocol?

H.265 means less storage space will be used and faster upload to YouTube!

We kept H.264, because it is compatible with most of the old devices! You can still use your old computers.


Common and Flexible FPV cable

Is it too expensive to find a FPC cable when your split cam’s cable is damaged?

Hawkeye Split cam uses a common 0.5mm FPC cable. You can easily find a replace one on the market! And we improved the cable. It is more durable and stronger now especially keeping in mind drones users.

DIY and maker

Its not only a FPV camera,but also a DIY camera! you can make it as a Car DVR, a security DVR,or any thing you want!


About Hawkeye

Hawkeye established in 2012 and produces FPV cameras(Firefly Micro cam 1/2), action cameras(Firefly 8SE, Firefly 7S, Firefly 6S) FPV monitors(Sharp vision 7 inch and Little Pilot 5 inch). The humanized design allows consumers to operate more easily, and can enjoy more fun and aerial flight.