Herelink and Hawkeye Firefly 4K Split Cam

2020-9-12 13:11| 发布者: 鹰眼| 查看: 1415| 评论: 0

Hi there,

Some people reported me that this camera was working fine, some others that it doesn’t works.
After some investigations and tests with HawkEye Firefly 4K Split FPV camera i deducted that this little camera is fully compatible with the Herelink.
But depending on the firmware version installed on it, it could works from stock or not.

The only setting to change is the ‘HDMI output setting’. To make it working with the Herelink it should be turned to 1080p @30FPS. Some Split cameras are sold with default values at 720p, that the reason the Herelink doesn’t display the video stream.